Prince of Peace Parish was founded on November 1, 1992, as a vivid and real response to the challenge of change on the South Side.  Our Catholic roots run long and deep in the fertile grounds tilled by those who have gone before us.  We are called to foster those precious seeds in the spirit of FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE.


Prayer to the Prince of Peace 

Dear Lord, we come to you as a parish family asking for peace and unity please hear our prayer.  We offer You our time and talent in humble service.  We also come to You in thanksgiving for favors granted.  In times of sorrow and trial, we know you will be our comfort.  Grant us Your guidance as we continue on this journey.  May we wisely use the gifts You give us.  FAITH, that You will be our anchor.  HOPE, that You will be our salvation and LOVE, that we may share these gifts with our brothers and sisters, both in our church family and also in our community.  Amen


Parish History

Prince of Peace Parish, as it is known today, has been in existence since 1992, but its history goes back much further.  We are the renewal of seven former Parishes (St. Adalbert, St. Casmir, St. John the Evangelist, St. Josaphat, St. Matthew, St. Michael, and St. Peter) which made up a powerful history of the South Side community of Pittsburgh, PA.  The product of a deep ethnic community and a city centered around the Steel Mill, the roots of each of the seven former Parishes were rich with faith, family life, Church life, traditions, and customs.  Over the last twenty years, the area has undergone rapid change with the loss of the Steel industry, families moving on, and a city with financial struggles.  Even though many moved to the suburbs, they continued to be active members within their respective Parishes.

In the early 1990’s, with the reality of a shortage of Priests and financial issues related to many of the Churches, it was necessary for the Diocese of Pittsburgh to evaluate all of the Parishes and make some very difficult decisions.  In 1992, the seven Parishes of the South Side were reorganized into one Parish, Prince of Peace, and four of the seven Church buildings would remain open along with its Parish school.  While many accepted the change, this restructuring was a difficult one, but the deep faith of its Parishioners remained strong.

With a further decline in the number of Priests, along with limited resources, it became necessary for the Parish to close two of its four Churches and the school.  But again, with the strong faith of its Parishioners, this action was not a setback.  Instead, it became the first real step toward unification.

In 2008, the Pastoral Council set its focus on “Putting the People Back in Parish.”  Since people are the true living Church, it was time to reach out to our family of faith at Prince of Peace.  The Council had set and implemented its Pastoral plans, which balanced spiritual and social aspects and re-energized the Parish community bringing family, friends, young, old, long-time and new members together.

The vision of Prince of Peace Parish is clear and focused on the continual strengthening of the Parish Family in both faith and unity.  It is set to be the beacon of God’s love for the community of the South Side.

The Parish is now in a period of renewal and rebirth.  New memberships continue to increase while both old and new are becoming more involved in Parish life.  The community of the South Side continues to dramatically change, and Prince of Peace Parish continues to embrace this changing environment and is working towards blending it into a strong Catholic community once again with deep roots in faith, family life, and renewed Church life.  We have chosen to place our trust in the Holy Spirit and believe that the "Winds of Change Rest on the Wings of the Spirit”.